Alex and Ofentse are making steady progress. The scar on each of them is starting to soften - it's still plump and pink as it improves. But both boys are showing great strength. They're tolerating their splints well, which have been receiving regular cleaning. Feeding is good, there's plenty of support behind them and their smiles are better than ever.

Week 7:
Ofentse and Alex are on top of their game. Their scars are now past the worst point, proving that nothing can stop these two boys. The ongoing massaging of the scars by the parents has gotten them over the line. The boys are well positioned for great results.

Week 8:
It's crunch time for Alex and Ofentse. They have been consistently improving - their scars are really showing signs of softening, while the pinkness and plumpness has decreased. It's incredible. The splints are doing the job brilliantly. The boys are thriving and both families are proud. Ofentse and Alex have got this one in the bag, with winning smiles.

Very few South Africans realise it only takes 45 minutes to fix a child's cleft lip or cleft palate. Team Operation Smile wants to make sure everyone knows.

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